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Malaysian Information Technology Professional Examination (MITPE)

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Malaysian Information Technology Professional Examination (MITPE)
by Admin User - Thursday, 16 March 2017, 12:33 PM

Dear OUM IT Students and Tutors,

Ref: Malaysian Information Technology Professional Examination (MITPE)
Greetings from METEOR!

With the reference to the above, METEOR (a consortium of 11 public universities) has been given the responsibility to implement Malaysian Information Technology Professional Examination (MITPE) which is based on Japanese IT standard.  For a start, Fundamental IT Engineers Examination (FE) will be implemented in Malaysia under MITPE. The MITPE-FE examination is conducted twice in a year - Apr and Oct.  The next examination will be held on Apr 23, 2017 in KL.

In order to create an awareness about this examination, we are inviting IT students  and tutors from OUM to sit for the upcoming examination on Apr 23  with free of charge.   A certificate will be awarded to the exam passers.

The examination will be conducted simultaneously in eight Asian countries who come together to form Information Technology Professionals Examination Council (ITPEC).  The top scorer from each participating country (including  Malaysia) will be given a chance for a 10-days internship training in Japan and all the costs are fully paid by the Japanese government (subject to other terms and conditions). In addition, ITPEC award will be given to the top 3 high score passers of all ITPEC member countries and top scorer from each ITPEC country will be given certificate of excellence.

MITPE-FE will give an added value to your career. If you are interested, please register here as soon as possible:

As places are limited (only 30 places are available), "first come first served" policy will be adopted.

Further information regarding MITPE is attached with this announcement.